"Is it related to Yuchi Rufeng?"? I remember this was the first time you suggested to me that you wanted to keep Yuchi Rufeng in the capital because he was your student and he was smart and eager to learn. The emperor guessed that the depth of his eyes was unfathomable, as deep as a deep pool, quietly. Muwenchen neither nodded nor shook his head, but said, "I will tell my brother later." With a cold snort, the emperor shook off his sleeve and said, "That's all. You don't even want to talk to me about this when you have someone else. It seems that you don't trust me. Then what am I still doing here? It only adds to my sadness!" Then he stepped out of the pavilion. Elder brother Wood asked the dust to call out. The emperor stopped, his face brightened, but he did not look back. "What?" He asked in a low voice. "Brother, don't be hard on them!" Wood asked the dust to chase a sentence. The emperor's back stiffened for a while, and when he walked through the pond, he brushed the water at will. After the emperor left, the koi, which had been swimming freely in the artificial pond, suddenly turned white. Wood asked the dust's eyes flashed, and finally picked up the white jade harp on the ground, gazed at it carefully for a while, sighed faintly, and looked in the direction of the emperor's disappearance. After breakfast, Rufeng talked with Zuiyue for a while and then changed his clothes and prepared to go to the appointment. Wearing a carefree scarf, dressed in a blue shirt made of sackcloth, with a white jade Xiao on the waist and a white jade fan in hand. Rufeng is in a happy mood, and of course he is happy to see the long-lost Yujue. Passing in front of the crowd, he saw quite a few people sitting in the main hall. Before he could speak, he saw them all looking at him with their eyes wide open. "How's it going?" He said with a smile? Is this childe handsome? So much for Pan An and Song Yu! How interesting ……” A woman in her fifties was watching with her eyes wide open and her mouth wide open. This is a very beautiful little childe, said he is beautiful is not too much, although the body is wearing a very ordinary sackcloth, but has a natural elegant temperament, green shirt white belt, skin light than snow, red mole moving, graceful, look like a fairy. The most attractive thing is that the big watery eyes, as if the condensation of the stars all over the sky, turn to look forward to it will be breathtaking! The little childe holding a white jade fan, smiling to cover half of his face, the hand holding the fan, delicate and lustrous, white still better than the jade fan! The middle-aged woman immediately lost her voice and shouted, "This is.." Is it Yuchi Rufeng, the little marshal in the rumor, the grandson of the old general Yuchi? After all, she was the first matchmaker with a wide range of knowledge at the foot of the emperor, so Song matchmaker quickly came to her senses and asked. Rufeng nodded with a smile and asked doubtfully, "Who are you?" The man was dressed in red, with a full head of pearls and flowers, and his face was painted. His figure was a little fat, but his facial features were still regular, and he had some beauty when he was young. At the moment, Inflatable mechanical bull , although the expression is exaggerated, but the temperament is good, it seems that he is a clever person, not gaudy. Is it a relative of your own? Rufeng wondered, wondering when there was such a number one person in his family, but he hadn't seen him just now? The middle-aged woman immediately stood up and saluted. Then she said, "The young man is polite. The old man is the matchmaker of the Song Dynasty of the matchmaker family in the capital." As soon as Rufeng heard this, the smiling guest on his face put it away and said, "I'm sorry. You can talk slowly. I'll go out first if I have something to do." With these words, he strode out of the main hall with his hem, and no matter how he called behind him, he did not answer. And Ruxue gritted her teeth and followed her out. The rest of the people looked at each other. Lin Yilan was the first to come to his senses. "I'm sorry," he said. "Rufeng is too capricious." In the heart but secretly murmured, such as the wind how so impolite, even if their hearts do not like, do not show so obvious, like running away. Fortunately, the old man is not here, otherwise he will teach her a lesson again. Song matchmaker did not seem to hear Lin Yilan's words. She turned over the portrait in her hand and muttered to herself, "How can these women be worthy of the young childe?"? That's all. I won't be a matchmaker. I won't take any business about Mr. Rufeng in the future. Then she absently went out without taking the portrait, and her servant hurried up with her. Lin Yilan, Wei Chi Song and the housekeeper looked at each other, not knowing whether they were happy or worried. Scurrying all the way, soon arrived at the gate, such as the wind almost wanted to use Qinggong, but afraid to affect the injury did not dare. Brother, wait for me! Rufeng suddenly heard the sound of Ruxue behind him, which surprised Rufeng. After a pause, Rufeng turned to see that only Ruxue and Xiangling breathed a sigh of relief. "What's the matter, sister?" He asked. Ruxue also walked up quickly, and when she came to Rufeng, she was already sweaty and panting. Rufeng shook his head and handed over his handkerchief: "Sister, you should exercise. You are just tired after walking for a while. It's not good. You are in poor health and easy to get sick." Ruxue Jiao said angrily to her, "Do you think everyone is as restless as you?"? I've been thinking about going out all day, and I just came back. Rufeng smiled and said, "Sister, what are you looking for me for?" Then he looked at the time. Fortunately, there was still enough time left. As soon as Ruxue heard this, her cheeks, which were already thin and dizzy because of sports, became even redder. She took a look at Zhou Qian, who was beside Rufeng. Zhou Qian immediately walked out of the door cleverly. For a while, there was only Rufeng and Ruxue in the whole courtyard. Brother, are you going to your Highness now? Ruxue asked softly, lowering her head. Rufeng was suddenly enlightened and said with a smile, "Yes, I forgot this. Sister, do you want me to take it to him for you?" Ruxue gave her a white look and said, "You will make fun of me. Alas, people have probably forgotten me. What's the point of me still thinking about him?"? And what should I say to him? There was sadness on his face as he spoke. Rufeng couldn't see past her self-pity. "Don't say that, sister," she said. "You are talented and beautiful. You are the most beautiful and talented woman in Yuezhou. You are not inferior to the ladies in the capital. If Yu Jue doesn't like you,inflatable amusement park, it's his loss. He's blind. But I think Yu Jue seems to like you. The blush on Ruxue's face faded a little. She sighed unconsciously and said, "Brother, you don't understand. Don't I know whether your Highness likes me or not?"? I'm so old that I don't want anything. I just want to be around him for a long time. 。 joyshineinflatables.com