"Only then did I see that the old man was a strange man with a unique skill. He could not bear to see the two men being teased. He pleaded for them and said, 'Since they can't hurt you, you can send them away.'" The old man laughed and said, 'Well, for the sake of this little brother, I'll spare you a little.' He clapped his hands and beat the two big men to death with two claps. 'Come Here, 'he beckoned. ” "The old man said coldly, 'You intercede for these two men. Do you know who they are?'" I said I don't know. The old man asked again, 'Do you want the Bodhidharma Sword Spectrum?' I said I had never heard of this sword in the world. The old man looked a little better and said, 'If I hadn't seen your kindness just now, you wouldn't be able to get out of this hole today. You see, for more than twenty years, all the people who have entered this cave are here. I followed the direction he pointed, but saw a row of skeletons and bones under the stone wall. "The old man gave a long sigh and said, 'It's not that I'm ruthless. If I let them out, there will be even more storms in Jianghu.". People die for money, birds die for food, and people who learn martial arts die for wonderful books and swords. This is all for the sake of greed. However, since you have no intention of entering the cave today, I will make an exception for the first time and let you go out. 'Well, young man,plastic packing tube, what's your name? ' ” "I told you the truth.". The old man opened his eyes and asked, 'Who are you, Bi Qingquan?' I said, 'It is my father.' The old man asked again, 'Where is Ling Xu?' I said, 'It is my brother.' The old man laughed and said, 'In that case, I'm not an outsider. Did your father say my name? My name is Tan Tai Yi Yu. ” "I was surprised that Tan Tai Yiyu was still my father's elder in terms of seniority. He had disappeared decades ago,cosmetic tube packaging, but he was still alive here." "Tan Tai Yiyu pointed to the skeletons and said slowly, 'I laughed at them because they couldn't get rid of their greed and died for the sake of the Sword Spectrum. In fact, they and I are only fifty paces to a hundred paces. For this Sword Spectrum of Bodhidharma, I cut myself off from the world and endured the silence of the empty mountains for most of my life. I want to practice peerless martial arts. Now, although I have made some achievements in martial arts, I will die soon.'" ” "I stared blankly at him, but saw him lying on the bed with a sickly face and a palpitating emaciation.". He smiled faintly and said, 'Can't you see that I'm possessed by the devil and have hemiplegia? This happened half a month ago, and for half a month, I have only relied on the stalactites in the grottoes to survive! ” "After listening to these words, I really can't get off my tongue. I haven't eaten food for half a month. My internal strength is so deep that I'm afraid I can't find another person in the whole world." "Tan Tai Yi Yu continued, 'The Bodhidharma Swordsmanship Manual was originally a set of swordsmanship learned by Bodhidharma Zunlao, the first ancestor of the Shaolin Sect, after 18 years of facing the wall on Mount Song. To practice this set of swordsmanship, empty lotion tubes ,empty cosmetic tubes, of course, you have to have a very good foundation of martial arts. Therefore, the Swordsmanship Manual contains not only swords, but also a profound and broad outline of martial arts. I have studied it in this I dare not enter the hall. ' ” At the end of the Song Dynasty, Shaolin and Wudang were separated, and the Bodhidharma Sword Spectrum was handed over to the Wudang Sect. After the invasion of the yuan Dynasty, the Sword Spectrum was suddenly lost. Wulin Handsome searched for it one after another, but no one knew its whereabouts. ” It was not until more than thirty years ago that I found out some information. It turned out that the Sword Spectrum was taken away by Atuzhen, a national teacher of the Mongolian emperor, in the midst of the war. More than ten Wudang Taoist priests who protected the Sword Spectrum were killed in the enemy's battle, so no one outside knew about it. Atuzhen couldn't understand the book, so he passed it to his disciple Ma Yizan. Ma Yizan knew it was a treasure, but he couldn't understand it. So he came up with a plan to invite the martial arts masters of the Han people to consult him. Nineteen masters with real talent and learning were unwilling to serve the Tartars. Occasionally, one or two people went to seek wealth and honor, only to be killed. ” Ma Yizan was very cunning. He was afraid that they would get the secret of swordsmanship, so he divided the swordsmanship spectrum into sections and copied them down. He gave them to study and asked them to annotate it. In fact, how could such a profound and exquisite Bodhidharma swords spectrum be so piecemeal? This has been done for many years. Although Ma Yizan has learned some sporadic Bodhidharma swordsmanship, it is still far away from mastery. He is not at ease to give all the swordsmanship to one person to share with him. When it comes to it, he really can't make any more sense. And he himself has gained a few claws, and he thinks he is invincible in the world. The swordsmen who were invited were killed one by one. Unexpectedly, one of them saw the opportunity early and escaped, but when he escaped, he was also hit by a poisonous arrow from the Mongolian army. ” 'This Man is my friend. Before he died, he told me this secret. First, I was not angry that this book of swords had fallen into the hands of my boots. Second, I wanted to be the best swordsman in the world, so I stole this book of swords into the yuan Palace. Fortunately, I succeeded. I killed eighteen Mongolian warriors. Finally, I got this book and hid in the grottoes. ' ” "Tan Tai Yiyu said here, think of him for this sword spectrum, most of his life do not see the light of day, very emotional.". Then I interrupted and said, 'Now that all the heroes are rising, driving out the Tartars is nothing but a matter of concern. I would like to serve you here. When you recover, won't you be able to go out and do something?' 'But Tan Tai Yi Yu said with a smile, 'In order to be impetuous and greedy, I practiced my superior internal skills. Only then did I become possessed by the devil, and there is no way to cure it. I don't know how long I can stand it now, but if I have a wish, I can't die in peace. ” Bi Lingfeng continued, "I hastened to ask him what his wish was."? Tan Tai Yiyu sighed and said, 'I have spent most of my life to understand the truth of this sword book. I can't let it be buried in this grotto with me. I want to find someone who can entrust it to future generations.' ” "When I heard this, I was very excited. Tan Tai Yiyu took one look at me and said, 'You have a kind heart. Naturally, you can be trusted. But with your present martial arts, only this Jian Qian has brought you death. I can't pass on the Sword Spectrum to you.'" Then he pointed to the row of skeletons and said, 'These are all people who overrated themselves to steal the sword. Ah,pump tube, in fact, with their little skill, it's useless.' ”。 emptycosmetictubes.com