Mou Zhengping held a long sword in his hand and glared at the masked man in the red scarf with his eyebrows raised. He dared to feel that the hidden weapon, which was hit by his sword and was extremely overbearing, was made by the masked man in the red scarf. Lan Bingzhong saved his life. Maybe Lan Bingzhong didn't deserve to die. Had it not been for the fact that Mou Zhengping happened to be standing not far away from him, and that he had a quick eye and a quick hand, and that his sword was so swift, the deadly blue awn would have hit the big hole of the "Lingtai" in the vest of Lan Bingzhong, and his soul would have been broken in an instant. Although Lan Bingzhong was lucky to escape from death, he could not help but turn pale with fear! He collected himself a little. Then he gave Mou Zhengping a deep bow and said gratefully, "Thank you for your great virtue. Brother, this life-saving kindness has been engraved on Lan Bingzhong's heart." Mou Zhengping hurriedly bowed back and said, "This is what I should do. Brother Lan, please don't be so polite." Blue Bing said no more, suddenly turned to red scarf masked man, eyes burst stare straight to breathe fire, look afraid of people to sink his voice and drink away: "Evil Fu!"! What a vicious heart you have! The masked man in the red scarf sneered. "Lan Bingzhong," he said, "how dare you defect to the enemy? Like a disloyal and unjust man like you, you deserve to die. How can you blame me for being so cruel?" Good scolding, if he is not the son of the blue and yellow, it should be even his own scolding. Lan Bingzhong opened his mouth slightly and waited for the back lips to scold back. With a sudden wave of her hand, Shi Jiajia said in a deep voice, "Lan Bingzhong,caustic calcined magnesite, step back!" Naturally, Lan Bingzhong did not dare to disobey his orders. He had no choice but to swallow the words that had poured back into his throat. He bowed his head and said, "The guilty minister obeys." Shi Jiajia stared at the masked man in the red scarf and said, "Your excellency, you are right to scold him. It's also true. Lan Bingzhong is disloyal and treacherous. He really deserves to die. No wonder you have a vicious heart, but.." With a slight pause in his voice, he suddenly chuckled and said, "Sir,Magnesium Sulphate price, can you answer my question?" "What do you want to know?" Asked the masked man in the red scarf. "I want to know you, sir," said Shi Jiajia. "Do you understand?" The masked man in the red scarf was stunned. He shook his head and said, "I'm not just white. What do you want to know about me?"? And I don't understand what I have worth knowing? Shi Jiajia said with a faint smile, "Lan Bingzhong is disloyal and unjust. He should be scolded and should die. But what about you?"? You're all birds of a feather. I want to know what you think of yourself. Do you deserve to die and be scolded? The masked man in the red scarf suddenly raised his voice and laughed. "That's a ridiculous question," he said. "It's stupid." "Please explain this ridiculous and stupid truth," said Shi Jiajia. "There's nothing to explain," the masked man in the red scarf said coldly. "I'm not like him at all." "Why is it different?" Asked Shi Jiajia? "A man with a red scarf and a mask." Different is different, you know? Shi Jiajia said, "Please explain the reason for this'difference 'again."? "Don't you understand?" Asked the masked man in the red scarf. "If I had understood," said Shi Jiajia, "I wouldn't have asked you to explain." The masked man in the red scarf suddenly sighed softly and said, "I really overestimated you." Shi Jiajia said, "I didn't know I was surprised by your excellency. I was very stupid, wasn't I?" The masked man in the red scarf smiled and said, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, "I feel sorry for you from the bottom of my heart. You have really wasted your smart and beautiful face. This is really in line with the saying: 'a smart face is stupid.'" "Sir," said Shih Chia-chia, "since you feel sorry for me, and I'm really stupid, why don't you just help me and explain it clearly so that I can understand?" "I've always had a heart of stone," the masked man in the red scarf said with a sly smile. If you don't like to help others and don't understand, you can think about it slowly and carefully. There will always be a day when you understand, don't you think? Shih Chia-chia suddenly chuckled and said, "Well, your excellency certainly won't explain." "The nonsense should be stopped," said the red-scarved and masked man. Shi Jiajia nodded and said, Enough is enough for a joke. "With a pause in his voice, he gazed at me and said," Sir, do you think I'm really as stupid as you think? " The masked man in the red scarf smiled and said, "You're not stupid. Wouldn't that be better?" Shi Jiajia gave a sneer and said, "Sir, I not only understand what you mean by'different, 'but I also knew your other'difference.'" The phrase "another difference" is very strange. Like the protuberance of a strange peak, the masked man in a red scarf could not help but be dumbfounded. He was slightly stunned and said, "Your phrase'another difference 'makes me feel as confused as if I had met a dense fog." Shi Jiajia said with a smile, "What's the matter? Are you confused?" "Excuse me," said the masked man in the red scarf, "is this another'difference '?" "Don't you understand?" Asked Shi Jiajia. "Please explain," said the masked man in the red scarf. Shi Jiajia suddenly laughed and said, "Sir, it seems that you are really a big stupid cow." The masked man in the red scarf understood, but what he understood was not the "other difference", but that he had been deceived and scolded! Was scolded, in the heart naturally unwilling, immediately eyes a stare. However, Shi Jiajia opened her mouth first and said lightly, "Your Excellency, don't stare and get angry at every turn. Be cultured." You scold me, I scold you, this should be perfectly justified, now has been straightened out, we do not owe, now should also talk about serious things, is not it? As a result, although the masked man in the red scarf was full of anger and wanted to get angry, he could not send it out by Shi Jiajia's understatement. At this point, he was completely sober. Shui Junhao (of course, he did not know that the water Junhao in front of him was a fake) was really a highly intelligent and extremely difficult person. He had no choice but to stare. "Then explain your'other difference 'first," he said. Shi Jiajia shook her head and said, No! Sir, I would like to speak first of your phrase, "different." The masked man in the red scarf smiled and said,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "Is it necessary to talk about my'difference '?" Shi Jiajia smiled and said, "There's no need. Do you think I'll waste my time talking?" "I don't think so," said the masked man in the red scarf. "I think you think you're too smart and too sensitive." ใ€‚