The time is not early, Ma Mingyuan and Shu Hong to leave for the dock, Chen, Chen Tuan and he two people agreed to go to Beijing to get together again in the future. At the time of parting, Mu Qing took advantage of people's unpreparedness, gave Shu Hong something in the belt behind him, and then followed the two brothers to see Shu Hong and Ma Mingyuan get on the bus and leave. As soon as he got on the bus, Ma Mingyuan teased Shu Hong and said, "It's much more difficult to get the elixir from you than to get the silver. You're really generous today!"! Are you afraid of losing face in front of others? How interesting Shu Hong gave him a white look, "I don't deserve it!"! My bottle of medicine was also stolen from the old man, and I just borrowed flowers to offer to the Buddha. Not as generous as your third son Ma, all the jade cards in Ma's shop that can adjust thousands of yuan are given to a little girl. Do you really treat that girl differently?! "You and I are temperamental people, just congenial.". Besides, who knew that sign could move money? That wench is likable, just leave a thought. Ma Mingyuan just thought of going back this time, afraid that he would never have a chance to see the little sugar heart that looked like a pink ball again, and he felt a little sorry, so he sent something to remember. Ma Mingyuan looked out of the window in silence. Shu Hong nestled into the innermost part of the carriage. He reached to his back waist and took out what Mu Qing had stuffed in when he left. He spread it out in the palm of his hand. It was a purse embroidered with magnolia on a blue background. With a slight stagnation, Shu Hong untied a note in his purse, on which was written in a small script with a delicate hairpin: Brother Fox, thank you very much for seeing a doctor for your mother! Qing'er's monthly money belongs to her mother,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, so she has no money to buy good things for you. I remember you said you would give your sister a magnolia that would never wither, so Qing'er embroidered two for you and your sister in your heart. Finally, remember not to be moved to tears, because the flowers are embroidered by me, but the purse is not made by me! Qingshang Shu Hong folded the note and stuffed it back into his purse. His right index finger rubbed two magnolias, one white and one purple, on his purse, and raised his lips. Although the embroidery is general,gear reduction motor, but did not expect her young age, actually wrote a good hand. Little devil, I accept this heart! But if you dare to call me a fox, I'll see you next time! I just don't know when I'll see you again. ﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡﹡ Second, ask for recommendation. Gaga ~ Dear friends who like JQ, remember to leave your ticket when you pass by. Chapter 42 Quail and "Murder Case" Updated January 25, 2010 21:39:49 Words: 2793 Ma Mingyuan and Shu Hong's car disappeared on the main road in the morning light, and Mu Qing and his two brothers also set off for home. The wharf of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal is in the north of the city, while the Chen family lives outside the Qianhu Gate on the edge of the West Lake in the southwest of the city. If they want to go back from the north of the city, they either walk directly to the West Lake along the wall or walk through the streets and alleys to return to the Qianhu Gate. Chen disliked the narrow roads in the city and the inconvenience of many people, so he had to take the main road outside the city. Mu Qing, however, wanted to see the scenery in the city of Hangzhou, and begged Chen Tuan, who was in the same car. Under the gaze of Mu Qing's pitiful and bitter eyes, Small Dc Gear Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, Chen Tuan finally surrendered. He asked Chen to ride back outside the city and take Mu Qing to drive to the city to watch the fun. Don't get out of the car, don't lift the curtain, don't poke your head. Chen sat cross-legged at the door of the car, his hands crossed in front of his chest, frowning and looking helplessly at the restless Mu Qing in the car. You are usually gentle. Why do you turn into a monkey as soon as you go out? "Third brother, I stayed in the yard when I came back from Danling, and I didn't wander around Hangzhou.". Good three elder brothers, you are good, have pity on Qing son! It's not easy for them to come out this time. There are few people early in the morning. Can you let Qing'er see more? Mu Qing's small deciduous teeth bit his lower lip, his small hand clenched his skirt, carefully aimed at Chen's face, and did not forget to take the opportunity to look out. Chen Tuan couldn't stand Mu Qing's big eyes looking at him pitifully, red and full of tears, like a wounded rabbit, and he was like the hunter who was being condemned by his conscience. Who says there are fewer people in the morning market? Forget it, I can't do anything about you! Okay, just for a little while. Get out of the car and I'll lead you. You're not allowed to run around! "Well, the third brother is the best!"! Qing'er listens to you! Mu Qing grinned, the meat on his face moved upward, the tears that had been brewing for a long time in his eyes did not have time to withdraw, a squeeze flowed down his cheeks, really tears of joy ah! Mu Qing secretly pleased, can stroll the first time, there will be a second time, when we can also walk in the street fair and square, do not have to act so hard? "Why are you crying?"? Isn't that all agreed? Hey! If the eldest brother were here, he would say that I bullied you. Stop crying! Chen Tuan leaned over and hurriedly wiped Mu Qing's tears. Mu Qing waved off Chen Tuan's hand and said angrily, "Qing'er is happy!"! Third brother, Qing'er is a daughter's family. Don't wipe your wolf's claws on her face. It hurts! I'll do it myself! Only then did Chen Tuan feel flustered and lose his temper. Embarrassed, he withdrew his hand and scratched his head. He coughed twice: "Well!"! Just don't cry! …… The car drove into the downtown and stopped. Chen Tuan hugged Mu Qing and got out of the car and walked. Standing at the corner of the street, Mu Qing looked at the scene in front of him and sincerely sighed in his heart: "This time I have opened my eyes, and there are really a lot of people.". The morning market in the Song Dynasty is so lively! On both sides of the street, there are many wine shops and food shops, with colorful wine flags fluttering in the morning sun. The first shop, paper shop, cloth shop, fruit shop and other shops open their doors, and the waiters stand at the door to welcome visitors. In the market, the Philistines bargain and shout, hoping to have a good start in the morning. The hawkers of fried tea and snacks put up their carrying poles, set up their shelves, and began to sing on the board. Chen Tuan played the role of a tour guide, holding Mu Qing in one hand and pointing to the street vendors in the other: where the fruit is sweet, where the cloth color is beautiful, where the paper painting is the most exquisite, and so on. Four drums open the gate. After the five drums, the iron sign in Toutuo's hand rang and the morning market opened. Some of the small vendors and hawkers occupied the place,Brushless Gear Motor, and some of them walked through the streets. You can find a lot of good food if you come to this market for a walk. Mu Qing secretly admired Chen Tuan's skill in shopping and asked, "Third Brother, why are you so clear? It's like a living map."? And don't you have breakfast at home on weekdays? 。