South autumn tiptoe on the ground a little, the body unexpectedly in an incredible way to the side a twist, unexpectedly jumped out horizontally, and then instantly rebounded back, in the air to draw a zigzag, just to avoid the landing of the ice halo, but still toward Huo Yuhao and the direction of the little snow girl rushed over. Ee, e, e! The little snow girl seemed to give a cry of panic. As soon as the small hand is raised, is a dark blue ray of light toward the south autumn autumn which has been getting closer and closer. Nan Qiuqiu did not dodge this time, but also raised his right hand, the second soul ring shining on his body, emitting a layer of pink light all over his body, and the pink in his palm was even stronger. The deep blue light flashed away and was swallowed up by the pink. Vanish and protect the body. It can resist the extinction of all attributes and protect the body. At the same time, when Nan Qiuqiu jumped up again,tin beneficiation plant, she was only a dozen meters away from the snow girl. Her left hand made a virtual grasp, and the fourth soul ring on her body lit up. Suddenly, a huge pink dragon claw appeared in the void and went straight to the little snow girl to catch it. The hand of extinction! She even has this kind of soul skill. No wonder they are so confident. This is really the best soul skill to restrain the little snow girl! The hand of extinction, as its name implies, is full of the illusion of a strong light of extinction. Once captured by it, the soul power is waiting to be consumed. With Nan Qiuqiu's present cultivation,portable gold wash plant, the soul master below the five rings is hit by her vanishing hand once, and at least half of the soul power will be sucked away. Used to deal with the little snow girl this energy body, it is simply the best. Unfortunately, the little snow girl is controlled by Huo Yuhao. Naturally, they will not be captured without a fight. The charming little face, which had previously been lovely, turned cold, and the big dark blue eyes faintly revealed a trace of dignity. Right hand raised, accompanied by a Jiao drink, she is also toward the front of a virtual clap. When her little hand clapped out, the huge hand of extinction had captured her and wrapped her body in it. Won. The idea came to Nan Qiuqiu's mind in an instant. Summoned creatures captured by the hand of extinction, gold heap leaching ,Portable gold trommel, almost without exception, will disappear in an instant. Even though she thought the little girl was cute. But after all, it's just summoning creatures! This is a game, and nothing is more important than winning. But the thought of winning lasted only a moment in her mind. The next moment, the big pink hand suddenly turned ice blue. Then it turned into countless ice-blue spots of light and disappeared in the air. The little snow girl is still suspended in the air. It's just that her beautiful big eyes have been closed. It's like you're feeling something. Not far away, Huo Yuhao is also showing a thoughtful look. Whoosh! The little snow girl turned into a dark blue light and flew back to Huo Yuhao in an instant, drilling in between his eyebrows and disappearing. Was, was resisted? My vanishing hand has been resisted by a summoned creature? Nan Qiuqiu looked dully at the dark blue light that had disappeared from Huo Yuhao's body, and for a moment even his forward body stopped. Only she knows that the role of the hand of extinction is not only to consume opponents, but also to have an extremely powerful place that can be called a magic skill. That is to feed back itself. I will go back to Beijing tomorrow. We must try our best to code words and write better content for everyone to see. Ask for monthly tickets and recommended tickets. (To be continued.) Episode 5 Battle of the Champions Chapter 281 I will marry whoever kills him! (Lower) About one fifth of the soul power that has been dissolved by the hand of extinction will be returned to her. The power of the hand of extinction is based on the premise of high consumption of soul power. As the skill of the Millennium Soul Ring, it consumes Nan Qiuqiu's own soul power, but it is equivalent to the skill of ten thousand years. But in the case of back-feeding, this consumption is still bearable. After all, the consumption of the opponent will be greater. However, just this blow, she did not get any feedback, which means that her soul skills were broken. It was broken by a summoned creature. You know, the most powerful part of the hand of extinction is to restrain all kinds of summoning creatures! This is what Nan Qiuqiu thinks is the most incredible place. A strong hand of annihilation. Huo Yuhao said to Nan Qiuqiu. It's really strong. The little snow girl just clapped out that palm, but Major Cold of the three wonders of the snow emperor had no snow! But as Nan Qiuqiu thought, her vanishing hand has a miraculous effect on summoning creatures. Although the soul is not a summoning creature, many things are very similar to summoning creatures. Therefore, her ability is also very restrained to the little snow girl. Without the help of Huo Yuhao, the Great Cold without Snow can only resist the hand of extinction. But it contains the huge power of extinction, or make the little snow girl consumption is not small, Huo Yuhao afraid of the next battle again the power of extinction fell on her body hurt the source, this will recall her. Nan Qiuqiu looked at Huo Yuhao coldly and said, "Your summoning creature is the most powerful and flexible I have ever seen.". It's hard for me to imagine that I can not only display my soul skills, but also resist the hand of extinction like a natural enemy. But now that you don't have her, you should admit defeat. Huo Yuhao suddenly laughed, "bullying the disabled?" Nan Qiuqiu stagnated and realized that the opponent in front of him was a guy in a wheelchair. However, her will is very firm, "disabled people?"? Are you an ordinary disabled person? Would you be on this stage if you weren't able to summon such a powerful summoning creature? "Yes!" Huo Yuhao answered casually: "Don't think you won.". The game isn't over yet. The vanishing light on Nan Qiuqiu's right hand lit up. "Then I'll send you down." "Wait, wait." Huo Yuhao's eyes showed a trace of panic, "won't you feel ashamed of bullying a disabled person like this?" "Don't waste time," said Nan Qiuqiu disdainfully. Your summoner, though strong,mineral flotation, has even resisted my hand of annihilation. But the cost is just as great. It can be seen that this level of summoning creatures should have a contractual relationship with you. Although it is powerful, it can not be completed in a short time once it is consumed excessively and then wants to recover. Your delay doesn't make any sense at all. Huo Yuhao gnashed his teeth and said, "Don't you just restrain me?"? But I will defeat you. 。