When I was a child, Qiu Ning's parents and uncles all warned that the people in the Black Flag Stronghold were not plagues but better than plagues, and that they should hide as far as they could. With her eyes fixed on her toes and the square inch of the ground, she moved over step by step, raising her hand without daring to look up, and holding the teacup as far away from her as possible. She thought that since "Zunshi" was from the Black Flag Stronghold, she did not know whether it was Ye Niutou or Su Mamian's running dog. Ye Yunqing took the teacup from Qiu Ning's hand and ordered, "There is an oil-paper package in the drawer of the flower table beside the window. Bring it here." Qiu Ning did not dare to disobey and took it to him. Then I heard the sound of rustling. She wondered how she could open the oil-paper package with a teacup in her hand? The thought flashed past, and Qiu Ning temporarily forgot her fear and looked up to see what was going on. The bed curtain was lifted and hung on the red copper flower hook, half of the brocade quilt was put on the ground, and half of it was covered on Ning Fei. A man in a blue gown sat on the edge of the bed, his hair falling behind his shoulders to his waist. Blue and black are intertwined, and the side auricles are exquisite and smooth. Qiu Ning was speechless, and before she could see the front, Qiu Ning had already concluded that this was the most eye-catching man she had ever seen in her life. Ye Yunqing's complexion was as fair as the second generation of the rich and weak, but her body was taller and more vigorous than the ordinary Huai'an men, holding Ning Fei in her arms, almost drowning her. As soon as he entered Xu Fu, his body was so dirty that it was hated by the people, and his good complexion was covered under the thick mud. These days,Time Delay Tap, rather than being so dirty, he had to scrape the oil sludge with a knife before he stopped. Do not wash do not know, the original Ye Yunqing is that wrapped in mud beggar chicken, after peeling off the mud shell, inside a tender piece of water. This generation of people do not have glasses to wear, otherwise I do not know how many people will drop their glasses and knock their noses. He sat on his side on the edge of the bed, his long blue gown outlined his slender legs and thin waist,Self-closing Faucet, and his white middle clothes were exposed by the black silk thread. Qiu Ning swallowed a mouthful of saliva and stared straight at Ye Yunqing. Ye Yunqing suddenly looked up, his eyes half squinted and looked over with displeasure. Qiu Ning was covered by the dark line of sight without the light of the stars. Suddenly, he involuntarily crawled and knelt down on the ground. You have nothing to do here. Go and find a doctor. Ye Yunqing said. Qiu Ning rolled and crawled out, and Ye Yunqing's eyes made her tremble, as if she had been disassembled and walked in the underworld. It was not an ordinary person, and Xu Zhu did not have the kind of momentum that used to override others. But even if general Xu She-mei, who has been wallowing on the battlefield for decades, would not have such a natural blood. Qiu Ning was a servant girl born to a servant girl. She was influenced by what she saw and heard from an early age. When she was young, she saw a lot of things in General Xu She-mei's mansion. She was particularly sensitive to this aspect. Ye Yunqing put the paper bag on Ning Fei, opened it with one hand, and there were a few pieces of ginseng in it. He put one piece into Ning Fei's mouth, and then continued to feed water little by little. Ning Fei's appearance was several years younger than his, and he often frowned and urged him to clean up his own attitude, and Ye Yunqing unconsciously treated her as a younger generation. Ning Fei felt warm water flowing into his throat, Service Sink Faucets ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and that part was badly hurt, and it was so hot and painful. Her consciousness gradually turned around, and when she opened her eyes, she saw that Ye Yunqing was feeding her water and shook her head to indicate that she didn't need it. When Ye Yunqing saw her trying to sit up, he helped her push her and let her sit on the head of the bed, with only one hand behind her shoulder. "Does that princess always do this to you?" He asked. Ning Fei frowned and tried to speak, but after only two syllables, he felt the swelling in his throat unbearable, so he raised his eyes and looked sideways at Ye Yunqing. The eyes were still moist, and even when Ye Yunqing saw her for the first time, even when he forced her to swallow the oil mud pill, he did not see her so pitiful and weak, and he did not know whether he was pitiful or amused. Ye Yunqing said in a low voice again: "Abominable." Ning Fei felt that there was a piece of ginseng under her tongue. She was immediately shocked. The piece of ginseng must have been pressed by Ye Yunqing under her tongue. It was a sloppy ghost. Ning Fei had suffered a great loss by eating the balls made of old mud under his armpit. After that, he was always entangled in the painful past that he could not bear to recall. She tried to break away from Ye Yunqing, picked up his hand and looked at it carefully. She breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was no dregs of "rotten bones and heart mud pills" in her nails. Strange to say, Ye Yunqing's nails were very clean and smooth, like ice and snow, even when the oil sludge was the thickest on his body a few days ago. She drank a few more mouthfuls of water with Ye Yunqing's hand, and when she felt a little comfortable, she closed her eyes and rested on the head of the bed. Outside the courtyard, several little maids who had just returned said in a low voice, "The Second Lady is always in conflict with the First Lady. It's rare for the First Lady to be so broad-minded and so concerned about the Second Lady." "The second lady doesn't know what's good for her." She's the princess of the Dynasty. After all, she is a village girl who has never seen the world. With a deep sigh, Ye Yunqing secretly said that he could regulate the family, govern the country and make the world peaceful. Xu can couldn't even regulate his family, so he didn't have to think about governing the country and making the world peaceful. The servant girls are excusable for their shallow knowledge. As the saying goes, if the upper beam is not right, the lower beam will be crooked. If a big family is all this kind of cannibalism without spitting bones, it must have a great deal to do with the master of the family. Soon after, the sound of Qiu Ning's footsteps approached again, and in addition, there was another person, who was supposed to be a doctor. Ye Yunqing stood up from the side of the bed, put the teacup and the oil-paper bag wrapped with ginseng slices on the rosewood table beside her, pulled up the quilt for her, and silently retreated to the outer room. Ning Fei glanced at him, and Ye Yunqing smiled at her, indicating that nothing had happened, and flew up to the beam of the outer room, hiding from sight. Ning Fei was stunned, and then heard Qiu Ning outside the door asking if he could enter. "Come on in," she replied. Qiu Ning entered the inner room and found that the "envoy" had disappeared. While breathing a sigh of relief, she also felt a wonderful sense of loss. Thinking of the legend of the Black Flag Stronghold Suma Face mentioned by her mother,Concealed Flush Valve, she said that Amitabha Buddha, not to mention the King of Horse Face, even his emissaries could tempt people like this. cnkexin.com