The three figures were finally caught by the big Luo Dynasty, at this time the purple and black chains in the hands of the mink just faded away, eyes swept, handsome face, faintly there is a touch of palpitating hostility flashed. No matter how calm and indifferent the mink is on weekdays, he always has the heart of a demon mink. According to his temperament, if he hadn't been worried about causing trouble to Lin Dong after exposing his identity, I'm afraid he would have swallowed all these guys long ago. Where is this waste of hands and feet? Who else wants to attack us? With a shocking gesture to sweep away the Da Luo Dynasty, the mink's slightly cold eyes slowly looked at the surrounding night sky, and the cold voice spread. Voice spread, many people face slightly changed, but ultimately no one dares to interface, as strong as the big Luo Dynasty, tonight is defeated in the hands of Lin Dong and others, they do not want to provoke this ruthless role. The air was silent, but Mo Ling and others on the peak could not help but stretch out their palms and rub them on their faces, and immediately gave a wry smile. They really couldn't imagine that with the help of Lin Dong and the mink, they were so shocked by so many geniuses from the major Dynasties that they dared not put their farts.. "These two perverts." Lin Dong stood quietly on the black iron seal, he looked at the silent night sky, look slightly slow, it seems that with the lessons of the Da Luo Dynasty, but dare not easily make the first bird. "Hm?" As soon as the thought flashed through his mind, Lin Dong suddenly looked up and looked into the distance. There, on a mountain peak, a figure in Tsing Yi flashed out, and a pair of extremely gloomy eyes,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, like a fierce ghost, locked it firmly. The moonlight poured down from the sky and shone on the twisted face, which looked like a ghost, rather frightening. Lin moved his eyes slightly to look at the figure, holding the palm of the crocodile bone gun, but slowly clenched, cold voice, from between his teeth, with an uncontrollable killing intention,5 person hot tub, dissipated. Lin Langtian. You're not dead yet! Chapter 596 meet again. In the dim light of night, the figure of Tsing Yi stood on the peak, his handsome face, twisted and resentful, a kind of indescribable evil spirit, constantly emanating from his body, as if even his whole body space had become cold. That familiar face is naturally Lin Langtian, who has a lot of grievances with Lin Dong. Looking at this, it seems that after being seriously injured by Lin Dong last time, this guy still picked up a small life. Life is really hard enough. Lin move eyes filled with killing, so many years, although he is because many opponents have produced killing, but never a person can surpass the kind of killing in the face of Lin Langtian, Lin move heart is very clear about the kind of resentment between him and Lin Langtian, between the two, there will be only one person. And if this remaining person is Lin Langtian, with its character, then not only Lin move life, outdoor spa manufacturers ,indoor endless pool, even his father and others in the Great Yan Dynasty, are bound to be killed, because of this, Lin move know, this guy, absolutely can not live! In order to be able to let their father live quietly in the Great Yan Dynasty, this scourge must be eliminated! Lin moved all over the body suddenly filled out the cold killing, but also immediately attracted a lot of people's ideas, immediately a line of sight are along his line of sight away, and finally looked at the distant figure standing on the peak of the Tsing Yi. Looking at this, it seems that there is another enemy of Lin Dong and them. There's something wrong with this guy's breath. The mink also appeared beside Lin Dong at this time. He stared at the figure in the distance and suddenly frowned. Uh Lin move is also nodded, he is also aware of, this Lin Langtian's breath, compared to before, seems to be a lot of strange, but also a lot stronger. At least, now on this guy, even Lin Dong, is feeling a strange taste of danger. This guy.. What on earth has happened? Lin Dong frowned slightly and whispered to himself. However, although this Lin Langtian has become a lot of strange, but Lin is not afraid of him, if he does not want to leave Xiaoyan at this moment, I am afraid he will take the initiative to test this guy. And when Lin Dong gazed at Lin Langtian in the distance, the latter's gloomy eyes were locked on him all the time, but strangely, the guy with resentful eyes showed no sign of making a move. His eyes slowly scanned Lin Dong and the mink, and in the depths of his eyes, it was obvious that there was a touch of fear. Lin Dong, I am waiting for you in Baichao Mountain, when the time comes, our grudges, completely end it! To Lin's surprise, Lin Langtian's cold eyes looked at them for a moment, then smiled, and then floated back, looking like this, he did not intend to make a move at this moment. Lin Langtian is obviously can see that today's Lin move, is no longer the original loner, in his side, has been condensed a group of strength is very strong line-ups, even if now he is different, but also can never rely on their own one person, is to move Lin to solve, so, in the balance, he can only retreat. Of course, he believes that in the next hundred wars, he will have the opportunity to fight with Lin alone, when the time comes, he will let the latter understand that the last laugh will only be his Lin Langtian! "This guy." Lin moved eyes slightly cold to look at the far away Lin Langtian, he is not afraid of the latter directly rushed up to fight with him, in that case, he directly tonight will completely solve the problem, this time, he obviously will not let the latter have the slightest chance to live. His breath.. There are some fluctuations of the primordial spirit that originally existed in his body. The mink's purple and black eyes sparkled and suddenly whispered. What do you mean Lin was stunned and said. I was thinking.. I'm afraid Lin Langtian is not just the Lin Langtian you saw before. The mink mused. The last time you gave Lin Langtian a very serious injury, if ordinary people,Chinese spa manufacturer, I am afraid it would have been killed, but now he is alive and well, but more powerful. ใ€‚