Listen to what he said just now, there is no point to be a little generation, this is clearly a little ancestor. In the face of Zhu Baoguo's strength, the Zhu family once again fell into silence. Zhu family members do not believe that Zhu Baoguo almost missed the entrance examination is Wang Yang's "good thing", Wang Yang is such a good child, how can do such a boring and useless thing. But no one could tell why Zhu Baoguo suddenly fell asleep that day. Wang Yang, who had a good eyesight, was wrong that morning and told the Zhu family that Zhu Baoguo had already gone to school to take the senior high school entrance examination. Obviously, all this may be a coincidence, but no one has evidence. The victim is Zhu Baoguo, and it is not too much for Zhu Baoguo to want a statement. In this way, the matter has almost become a dead knot. Zhu Lao has a bad headache, in this matter, he can not say that the grandson is not good, the grandson almost missed the entrance examination, the aggrieved must be the grandson. But with Sun Tzu's attitude, who would regard Sun Tzu as a victim. But let Zhu Lao ask Wang Yang, Zhu Lao can't do it. If he had asked a few more questions, his grandson's sensitive character would have thought that they all believed his grandson's words and that he had deliberately harmed his grandson. Grandpa, mom, I was really wrong. Brother Baoguo, can't I apologize to you? What do you want? You say,asrs warehouse, can't I do it? Wang Yang grinds his teeth and controls his gloomy eyes not to look at Qiaonan. This dead woman again and again bad for his good deeds, the last time is to bring Zhu Baoguo, this time even found that Zhu Baoguo did not come to school, specially called the teacher to find Zhu Baoguo. Otherwise, Zhu Baoguo could not have woken up after the first exam that day! Had it not been for her relationship with Zhai Sheng, he would have cleaned her up and let her not even dare to stay in the courtyard! "An apology?" Zhu Baoguo put his arms around his chest and sneered, "You want to make me fail in the exam. Do you think an apology is enough?"? Apologizing is useless, or wait for you to take the senior high school entrance examination next year,cantilever racking system, I also come to this move, let you fail the exam, I apologize, can it be all right? Zhu Baoguo is definitely a man of gratitude and revenge. When he said this, it was definitely not a joke or a threat, but there was a serious taste in his tone, which frightened Zhu Qin and Wang Yang's faces. Dad! Zhu Qin had no choice but to ask Zhu Lao for help: "Yangyang's grades are so good, the results of next year's senior high school entrance examination must be good, you can't.." Let Baoguo destroy her family. What is the situation in Chapter 120 of the main text? Everyone in the Zhu family believed that Zhu Baoguo could say this and do it. Who could not worry, who could not be afraid. Even Wang Yang himself changed his face and was afraid that Zhu Baoguo would really make such a move. Zhu Lao, it's actually quite easy for your Zhu family to figure out what's going on in this matter. Qiaonan, who had been sitting without speaking, made a sound at this time. Old Zhu, who was so angry with his grandson, looked at Qiaonan: "What do you want to say?"? It's been a few days. Can you still find out? What's more, it was an accident. What's there to check? Little Joe, Teardrop Pallet Racking ,heavy duty metal racks, just say it. What can you do? Zhu Baoguo glared at Zhu Lao, let Zhu Lao restrain a little attitude, Qiaonan is the guest he invited. Just now you said you wanted to thank others, but now you look at people like this? “……” Zhu Lao helplessly pulled the corners of his mouth, looking at Qiaonan's eyes no longer as sharp as before, the attitude just now is really not very kind. Anyway, Qiaonan helped him take care of this grandson. Had it not been for Qiaonan, his grandson would have missed the senior high school entrance examination, and their relatives would not have been as helpful as an outsider to his grandson. You all think it's just a coincidence that Zhu Baoguo overslept. Zhu Baoguo feels that he slept so long, as if someone had done something to him. Now science is so developed, don't you know if you go to test it? With the right to speak, Qiaonan expressed his opinion. You let our Zhu family use public instruments for private purposes? Zhu Qin disagreed: "Our Zhu family doesn't do this." "It's very simple, give money, or find a place to spend money to check." Wang Yang at this time showed a contemptuous smile, he also thought Qiaonan had a good way, he gave Zhu Baoguo a little sleeping pills the night before the first day. Three days and three nights passed, and the medicine he took was not heavy. It would only make Zhu Baoguo unable to sleep, and he would not sleep to death. So the medicine had long been metabolized, when he did not understand. Want to use this kind of unfashionable means to intimidate him, let him throw himself into confusion, give himself away, the idea is too naive. Women are women, how useful they can be, how smart they can be. After so many days, can you still check it out? Zhu Lao's state of mind is much more peaceful, a test is also good, so that Baoguo can rest assured, but also Yangyang a clean, what is not good. Like before, there is no way to appease the grandson can not give anyone to explain, Zhu Lao just feel depressed. So that's it. Zhu Baoguo's eyes lit up and he patted his thigh: "Xiao Qiao, that day you asked me to urinate, just for this?" It was the first day of the senior high school entrance examination, although Qiaonan let Zhu Baoguo put his mind on the senior high school entrance examination, and then settle accounts after the final exam, but Qiaonan had long reminded Zhu Baoguo that it was better to leave some evidence, so as not to be vexatious when he wanted to settle accounts. Leave, leave urine? Wang Yang was stunned. Is there such a move? "Not only urine, but also blood." Seeing Wang Yang's reaction, Zhu Baoguo smiled: "Don't you want to prove that he is innocent? It's easy to handle. Let's go to check who is a person and who is a ghost. Won't you agree?" "Is it accurate?" Zhu Qin hesitated for a moment, it is best to be able to return his son's innocence, but what if it is not allowed? "This aunt, we have to believe in science." Qiao Nan smiled: "Other no good, check this, still can." "Check!" Qiaonan is a good student. In Zhu Lao's eyes, what a good student said must be right: "Baoguo, you keep everything, right? That's the best. Let's go to the hospital now." As long as this matter is not clarified, there will be no peace at home. Can't let Baoguo always hold doubt,heavy duty cantilever racks, see Yangyang not pleasing to the eye, wait for the next year Yangyang high school entrance examination, watch Baoguo to Yangyang.