At this moment a centurion came forward with some prisoners. Liang Xiao saw at a glance that Chu Wan and Feng Mian were inside, and both of them had been hit by arrows, holding each other's arms and staggering along. The centurion said, "I found the two of them wounded and hiding by the side of the road." Chu Wan stared at Liang Xiao, a pair of beautiful eyes seem to want to spew fire, the wind sleep to Liang Xiao, but the injury is too weak, difficult to reach far, only on the horse's hooves. One side of the hand knife fell, then cut down to the wind sleep, but Liang Xiao waved a whip, his broadsword roll fly Zhangs more than. The scholar was stunned and stepped back resentfully. Liang Xiao ordered the medical officer to say, "Treat them. Don't abuse them." The medical officer should be ordered to pull out the arrow and apply the medicine package. Yunshu desperately swam across the Pingjiang River and helped each other with Jin Wen. After this bitter battle, both of them were exhausted and wanted to die. They struggled to walk for a while. Jin Wen lost too much blood and fell to the ground. Yun Shu was caught by him, but he also fell down. His heart was very depressed: "Could it be that we two died here?" Suddenly I heard the sound of a horse's hooves. Yunshu looked back, but saw dark shadows in the dark night, and did not know how many people and horses had come. Yunshu pulled himself up, let out a loud cry, and rushed at the group with his sword. But as soon as he ran a few steps, he fell down and hit a piece of bluestone on his forehead. His eyes were black, and he faintly heard the sound of a woman calling. Then his mind was empty and he lost consciousness. Liang Xiao rate back to Changzhou, line for half a day, faintly see qiaocheng tower. Suddenly see bag ancient evil flying ride to come, a face with a smile, Liang Xiao asked how the city. Nanggu laughed and said, "Lord Boyan said that this city has caused me to lose my army. I want to show him how terrible it is. I have ordered that all the chickens and dogs inside and outside Changzhou should be killed." He laughed twice. Suddenly he saw that Liang Xiao's face was pale. He couldn't help asking, "Are you hurt.." Liang Xiao suddenly grabbed him in the chest with his eyes and lifted him up from the saddle. "Boyan ordered the massacre?" He snapped. His hand was extremely heavy, and Nanggu was so angry that he could only nod his head. Liang Xiao waved his hand and threw it so hard that his back was about to crack. Liang Xiaofei rode into the city,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, riding around, did not see half of the song people alive, I saw a team of a team of yuan foot soldiers kill red eyes, shout loudly. Earth soil ha and others then arrived, see Liang Xiao horse in the street, was about to greet, Liang Xiao suddenly turned the horse, galloping out of the city, rushed into the yuan camp, path to handsome account before, turn over and dismount,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, stride into, several QinBing raised his hand to block, but he was a punch, all down. Boyan was having a meal when he saw Liang Xiao breaking in and opened his mouth to ask. But see Liang Xiao right palm suddenly, straight to his face, Boyan a surprised, raised his hand to block, but feel the heart, was his left palm against. Boyan's carelessness was controlled, and he was shocked and angry. But he had been in battle for a long time, but he didn't show anything on his face. "Have you rebelled?" He snapped. Liang Xiao's eyes were about to crack. He gritted his teeth and said, "Did you order the massacre?" Boyan frowned and said, So what? The city I lost, if not kill, then the city have to follow suit, when can we reach Lin'an? "You fight to the death on the battlefield," said Liang Xiao angrily. "It's reasonable to kill a general. But the people in the city have no fists and no courage. What kind of skill is it to kill them all?" Boyan said with a sneer, "Who in the world is not born of his parents and raised by heaven and earth, and who has no parents, brushless gear motor ,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, brothers, wives, or children?". What's the difference between killing people and killing soldiers and killing people? You didn't kill many people before, but why do women's benevolence come today? Hum, when it comes to war, everyone is the wheat in the field, and the general is the farmer. Whoever cuts the wheat the most and the fastest is a famous general! He spoke harshly, but every word was like a sharp cone, stuck in Liang Xiao's heart. For a moment, there was only one thought in Liang Xiao's mind: "Yes, it's all about killing people. What's the difference?" Confused, Tu Tu Ha, Li Ting, and Nang Gu all poured into the tent, and when they saw the battle, they were all shocked. "Are you crazy, Liang Xiao?" Cried Tu Tu Ha. "Liang Xiao, step down quickly," said Nanggu. "Brother Liang," said Li Ting! Can't make a mistake? Liang Xiao was a big shout by them, the mind slightly, Boyan see clearly, the body suddenly a shrink, back out of three feet. When Liang Xiao was about to give chase, Tu Ha suddenly rushed to him and threw himself into his arm. Liang Xiao's body was broken, and his left elbow rushed out and hit Tu Ha's "Qimen Point". Tu Ha fell to the ground. But at this point in the delay, Boyan in the retreat, suddenly turn forward, left palm slanting fly, hold back in the chest of Liang Xiao, this palm has the potential of thunder. Will Liang Xiaozhen back eight steps, legs a soft, sit down on the ground, blood out of the mouth. QinBing shouted in unison on both sides, rushed up and pressed him to death. Boyan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and snapped, "Liang Xiao, are you guilty?" Liang Xiao gritted his teeth and said nothing. Boyan shouted, "You have committed the crime of assassinating the commander in chief. It's a great sin. It's not too much to cut your car with a knife." Tu Tu Ha quickly knelt down and said, "The prime minister is merciful. Tu Tu Ha is willing to exchange all his contributions for Liang Xiao's life." Nang Gu also knelt down and said, "Liang Xiao has always had a strong temper. Let's take him back and enlighten him slowly." Liang Xiao frowned and was about to open his mouth when Li Ting, knowing his intention, kowtowed to him and repeatedly said, "Brother Liang, don't say it, don't say it." Knock one's head to pieces. Seeing this, Liang Xiao's heart softened and he swallowed the words back. He looked at Boyan and raised his voice and said, "It's my fault to force you to break the account!"! But you were wrong to order the massacre. Boyan could not bear to kill his favorite general. When he relented, he immediately said, "The massacre is right or wrong. Let's not talk about it for the time being.". But now that you know your mistake, let's see the face of Tu Tu Ha three people. I'll spare you this time. If you make a mistake next time, you will not be spared. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Let him go!" All QinBing this should life let go of Liang Xiao. wwW。 xiaoshuotxt=com Verse 24: Who Wins and Who Loses (5) (/t/xt | Xiao/Shuo Tian | Tang) Liang Xiao slowly stood up, Li Ting wanted to help him, but he was thrown away. Liang Xiao endured his internal injuries and walked slowly out of the tent. The three of them were afraid that he would be right and wrong again, so they followed him far away. When Liang Xiao reached the outside of the camp, he turned and asked, "Where are the prisoners?" "Listen to you and treat them well," said Tutuha. "Bring them here," said Liang Xiao to Li Ting. Li Ting Pegasus into the camp, a moment, will bring Chu Wan and others. As soon as Liang Xiao was silent,12v High Torque Motor, he waved his hand and sighed, "Let them go." They were stunned and untied the rope according to the words. Chu Wan was surprised and uncertain. With a cold hum, she went away with her head held high. Feng Mian also glared at Liang Xiao and limped behind her.