Partner? Companion? Slaughter, do you think I'm stupid? Is that the person you like? The beautiful night elf beauty tilted her head and stared at the night elf hunter who had caught a trace of anxiety in front of her. Qianyue, this seems to have nothing to do with you! Concentrate on doing your job! The smile in the eyes of the night elf hunter had disappeared when he turned his head, leaving only a cold breath in the depths of his empty and indifferent eyes. As for it, you can't even say it! Qianyue beeped her lovely mouth and muttered with a disobedient face. Hum! Stay out of my business. You have to hurry up with what you're doing! The night elf hunter stared. All right, all right! I will, but I want to remind you of one thing! If you don't use this trick well, there will be problems. Your family seems to be leaving. Qianyue's beautiful finger pointed to the human druid who could only see a little bit of his back and said it was cool. God damn it! I'm leaving. If you have something to whisper to me in the future, if you have something, mail it to me directly. Don't meet me! After a few hurried words, the night elf hunter ran in the direction of the human druid's departure. Oh, I see! Cool tone and night elf hunters say goodbye, Qianyue beautiful fingers stroked his white cheeks, some plaintive said: "By the way, how can there be fewer and fewer good men recently?"? Even if there is also a pair of a pair, ah, to marry their own really difficult ah! Without mentioning self-pity,plastic pallet manufacturer, the night elf beauty shook her head and left. Slaughter quickly caught up with the human druid who was walking slowly without expression. Looking at the empty expression on the other's face, she felt happy and painful at the same time. She pulled the other's footsteps and called in a low voice: "Pursue!" Empty eyes slowly gathered together, staring at the anxious man in front of him, but the human druid did not want to speak. Say what? That you didn't want that woman anywhere near the slaughter? That you don't want the butcher to smile at people? Say yourself. Are you crazy? "What's the matter with you?" See the pursuit does not speak, slaughter can not help but some anxious, although the faith said to make the pursuit feel special, it must make him jealous,plastic bulk containers, he believed, but why is this reaction? Shouldn't he be asking himself something? Looking at the handsome face with an anxious look, the human druid, after a long silence, slowly pulled up the corners of his mouth again, raised a trace of radian, and asked in a low voice: "Slaughter!" "I'm here, searching. What's the matter with you?" Forcing to control the urge to embrace each other, the night elf hunter gently hugged the human druid's shoulder and answered low. That girl just now.. Is it someone you like? The corners of the mouth are raised, the beautiful eyes are slightly curved, and the human druid tries to make himself look like a smile. When the night elf hunter heard the human druid's question, he couldn't help but be pleased. Did his pursuit have a little feeling for himself? A feeling of being different from others. Taking a deep breath, stackable plastic pallets ,collapsible pallet box, the night elf hunter laughed and replied, "Do you think that looks like someone I like?" Stopping, the human druid stared at the handsome face with an evil smile and said in a low voice, "Yes, she is very beautiful." "Yes, she is beautiful, but I don't like her!" Staring at those beautiful eyes, he said slowly and firmly. You don't like her? The human druid felt stunned as he listened to the news that somehow made him suddenly excited and happy. Yeah, I don't like her! The night elf hunter laughed wildly. But You're smiling at her. Somehow, the human druid felt that he couldn't say it. The sudden smile in his heart made him want to jump up happily instead of pestering him about why he didn't like the girl. No, but, you don't think that girl is the one I like, do you? The night elf hunter laughed wildly, but his heart was so nervous that he wanted to know if he had really come here because he was jealous. "Well.." The human druid, who has finally recovered from the impact he has just received, has regained his reason and intelligence, and now he just wants to groan. How did he react just now? As if having a girlfriend shouldn't be. Looked at the human druid left and right, but did not dare to look at their own appearance, slaughter also did not dare to force too fast, had to embrace the pursuit of the shoulder, gently close to the pursuit of the ear, feel each other's body seems to be slightly stiff, low said: "pursuit, do you know?"? I would never like any girl. I don't know why, hearing the night elf hunter's low words, the pursuit of some anxious mood instantly became calm down, handsome face can not help but show a touch of real pleasure smile, reach out to each other's shoulders, said in a low voice: "Really will not like any girl?" "Yes!" The night elf hunter grinned, and his obsidian beautiful eyes showed deep tenderness. Unable to explain the feeling in the bottom of my heart, unable to understand the sudden relief in the bottom of my heart, the human druid now just wants to hug each other tightly, that's all. Wait, a hug? Chapter 50 the news of the dead pendant. The human druid's body trembled slightly. Black bright eyes deep suddenly flashed a look of struggle, just a hug, should be possible? After all, they're brothers, aren't they? Looking at the night elf hunter in his arms without any displeasure, the human druid breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and instinctively ignored the uneasiness that appeared again in his heart. There seems to be no problem! The retribution knight standing far away chuckled, and after sending Qingxue to the Royal Library in Dalymore,foldable bulk container, he rushed out, because just now someone had whispered to him, as if the pursuit of slaughter was going to go wrong again.