Gu Qichen unexpectedly did not refute, from a certain point of view, just now he was also "bullied." It seems to be more excessive than the teasing in language. He seemed a little irritable when he thought of what he had just seen when he pushed the door. One hand was on his forehead, and his hair was messed up by him. It was the first time that the four in the team had seen Gu Qichen's expression. His neck and ears were red under the light. Originally, he was very delicate and blushed, but the whole person became vivid. Thanks to the absence of a girl, if there is one, it will probably fall. Seeing him like this, sky was surprised and asked, "Brother Chen.." What's wrong with you? Why is your face so red? Gu Qichen put his hand down, cast his eyes on the computer screen, and lightly spit out a word. Hot "Eh?"? Is there? I think it's okay. I always feel like I'm missing something. There was another earth-shaking sound of closing the door upstairs. The king has left the stool and is ready to go up and have a look. What the hell is going on? Such a big noise? “……” Gu Qichen stood up, "I'll go and see." Without waiting for the king to do anything, he went straight upstairs. On the third floor, Chen Luo was standing at the door, holding the door frame and laughing. When he saw Gu Qichen coming up,industrial racking systems, he patted the door and shouted at the inside: "Pot-friend!"! The man who did it is coming, and I'm leaving! The room was silent, and Chen Luo gave him an ambiguous smile and turned away. The third floor fell into a quiet, probably after more than ten seconds, Gu Qichen bent his finger and gently buckled the door, "open the door." The face inside the door slowly as if dead,warehousing storage solutions, quiet as a chicken. Gu Qichen saw the sneaky king and others at the stairway entrance, as well as Chen Luo's head ambushed on the door frame next door. He had some helplessness and reminded him lightly: "You don't want me to say anything to you at the door. They are all there." “……” Threats! The threat of Chiguoguo! The door was opened from the inside a small gap, Yan slowly wearing a quilt only exposed a pair of eyes, see Gu Qichen, to avoid his eyes. Then saw a group of people watching the scene of bustle, hesitated or staggered a step, let Gu Qichen into the door. Rubbing in the dark, the crowd watching the scene of bustle was boiling, and they made eye contact one after another. Sky: Lonely man and widow! Monkey: In the same room! Damao: The king is really bitter. His ADC is in love with his favorite goddess. King Chen Luo: Hey, Hee Hee Hee. After entering the door, Yan slowly relaxed his mood and felt that it should be Gu Qichen who was wrong from beginning to end. Although Chen Luo had just comforted her, shuttle rack system ,drive in racking system, he was kind enough to catch you. He entered my room without knocking. "They are well-intentioned." "He touched my chest." "They are well-intentioned." “…… ***! Touch your chest and be kind! I have a saying that I don't know what to say when I sell batches. Be optimistic, maybe brother Chen doesn't know it's your chest? You could say pectorals? “……” Anyway, she thinks she can be a little tough. So he shook off the quilt, put his hands on his hips, and stood on the bed looking down at him. Apologize to me! Hurry up Gu Qichen looked up slightly and stared into her eyes to apologize solemnly: "Well, I'm sorry, I'll knock next time." “……” Apologized, but it still didn't feel right. It's like you're going to slap the other side in the face, but the other side is very cooperative to stretch out his face and tell you to hit both sides in a symmetrical way. In this way, it's not easy to attack. But I did catch you. Although I touched the wrong place. Once the momentum weakens at the beginning, the rest of the conversation falls into a strange state. Yan slowly tried desperately to find psychological comfort for himself. …… No! That's the waist! Gu Qichen is very straightforward. Soft. “……” What the hell! I am an adult with common sense. I might still believe you when you say pectoral muscles. “……” Mader, Yan slowly and immediately took a deep breath, feeling ups and downs, and pointed his finger at him. Forget. Forget. The captain, who has always been acerbic, is very straightforward, honest and sincere today. Normal people are very unforgettable. ” “……” This dog thing is afraid of embarrassing her. Every time she feels embarrassed, she can't be more embarrassed, and he can make you more embarrassed. Gu Qichen looked at it lightly, clearly and awkwardly, but he had to try to find a step down for himself. Standing on the bed, he was like a cat that would explode at any time, with a smile in his eyes unconsciously. Inexplicably want to tease more, want to see her fried hair, want to see her how to puff out her cheeks in anger. So he did it. But I'm not entirely to blame for this. Gu Qichen said. When Yan heard this slowly, he immediately raised his voice and asked, "Am I still wrong?" "I was just kind enough to catch you. If I hadn't done it, you would have hit the ground, and now you probably have to worry about becoming flat-chested." Gu Qichen drew a certain arc at the corners of his mouth. Although I think it makes sense, I still have to refute it. I blew up in my room! Nope! Off! You! Yes! Things! The problem now is why you don't knock when you enter the door. "It's my business." Gu Qichen's tone slowed down, staring into her eyes and saying word by word. Yan slowly and involuntarily was attracted by his eyes. He stares at you so earnestly that he can make others blush and heartbeat just by his eyes. Yan slowly felt his blood boiling all over his body, and something was about to break through his chest. I invested in SAN, and if you blow up in the room, it's my business. Besides, I thought you fell off the balcony. Come in and have a look. If you can pull it, pull it. If you can't pull it, change a new data analyst quickly. “……” Yan slowly took a deep breath several times,wire mesh decking, go to your uncle's girl heart!!! League of Legends has no girl's heart! Endure finally can not hold back, lift the foot directly kicked the past. You're in charge of labor and capital! Son of a bitch, get out! Break up!!! "" Chapter 10 look at your man.