The three introductions in front of us are comrades from Lan Hotel, but I don't know how to cooperate with them. These are not pig's head meat or pig's water, chicken feet, which are not on the table to put it bluntly. The Lan Hotel sounds like a lofty place. Can you eat these? He couldn't believe it. He did not know where the Lan Hotel was, nor did he remember the name of the Lan Hotel. Cooperate? How. What I do is something that is not on the table, but there is no other good food. Even if there was, he wouldn't say it now to cooperate with Lan Hotel. The serious Comrade Tan rarely smiled gently, "Comrade Shen Qinghe, don't belittle the stewed dishes you made. I've tried them all. The taste is really great. At least the chefs in our hotel can't stew them, or they can't mix the stewed materials you mix.". Some of the guests in our hotel are international friends diverted from the state guesthouse, and some of them, as you know, are not ordinary guests. Recently, the stewed dishes cooked by your family have become popular in the imperial capital. We also have guests who have eaten them. It is suggested that they can also eat them in the hotel. Many international friends also have suggestions. We have discussed that your family can provide us with some special stewed dishes every day, we will send people to pick up the dishes every day, and some special dishes will be informed in advance.. "Well, maybe you can try, but only years ago.". After the Lantern Festival, I do not guarantee, after all, I do not know politics. Policy allows not to allow ใ€‚ Whether it can be done after the Lantern Festival is still a question. "You don't have to worry about politics.". The problem of strategy As long as the cooperation is pleasant, we can help solve it. Comrade Tan spoke directly and sat with a straight back,304 Stainless Steel Coil, which made Shen Qinghe understand that the person in front of him was at least once a soldier. Ok, I don't have any opinion. Let's discuss the details of cooperation. "Good." Several people sat together to discuss, more than two hours of rest time, all lost. It wasn't until lunch that the discussion was over. After the guests left, Shen Qinghe burst out laughing. He was really lucky. Listen to the name of Lan Hotel, gentle and elegant, did not expect to be a certain aspect of the hotel. He is really a good partner, and the problem of opening his own shop is not a big deal. Chapter 96 Years ago,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, Cai Xiuping has been very busy, every time Cai Xiuli went to find someone, did not find. Endure tiredness and "bitterness" Cai Xiuli barely finished her work. Today is Chinese New Year's Eve. People who work at home all work only half a day. Twelve o'clock after work, the settlement of wages, Shen Qinghe for everyone to settle wages, but also to send you two catties of stewed meat, as a New Year's welfare. Start work again on the sixth day of the New Year. As for the stewed dishes needed by Lan Hotel, my family can finish them these days without help. Shen Qinghe also gave ten yuan more in salary, which was a hard fee. In winter, sitting under the eaves to wash vegetables, the cold wind is worth giving him more. Cai Xiuli looked at his welfare-stewed meat, and the rest are the same, is very dissatisfied, they can be the same as those people? The elder sister's face is so useless. Cai Xiuli changed face, Shen Qinghe directly ignored, did not intend to pay attention to her. But people do not think so, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, want to show their own sense of existence and special, Cai Xiuli thought about it, went to Shen Qinghe, two eyes kept winking, looking like cramps, Shen Qinghe directly around her, and some of the rest of the people to talk. Thank you, aunts, sisters and sisters during this time. If you don't want to do it again after the New Year, you must tell me before the fourth day of the first lunar month, so that I can find someone else. "I know. I won't miss it." Some of the aunts have never worked, and some have retired early, giving their jobs to their children who have returned to the city. There are also some called sisters and sisters, either half of the households, or female educated youth who have just returned to the city and have not yet found a job. Everyone needs money. Who will have more money at home. Shen Qinghe provides them with job opportunities, wages are higher than the unit, before finding a job, they cherish this job, no one is willing to lose their jobs for no reason. A group of people washed the big plate they brought, as well as the small Maza, ready to leave home. Cai Xiuli, who was bypassed by Shen Qinghe, also stared at people and stewed meat. She paced slowly to the front of Shen Qinghe and asked in a low voice, "Qinghe, I only have two catties of stewed meat!" When some of the aunts and sisters who were ready to leave heard Cai Xiuli's words, they immediately quietly pulled the people around them and did not leave for the time being to see what Cai Xiuli was doing. Although she came later, she had been working in the Shen family for more than ten days. She had been deliberately saying something specious in front of everyone. She always said that her family had a relationship with Shen Qinghe, and that she had known Shen Qinghe for a long time. Then she said that everyone was too lazy to talk to her. Who was not a neighbor of the Shen family who worked in the Shen family. The aunts all watched the Shen brothers grow up, and even some of the younger sisters and sisters knew Shen Qinghe from an early age, although they were not very familiar with him, but they also knew him. Which one is not a relative? All are relatives. For Cai Xiuli's uninterest, but also show off the relationship all day, are not willing to talk to her. Yeah, we're all the same. We have to treat everyone the same. With that, Shen Qinghe had already stepped into the room with his long legs. Yang father and Yang Fenglan did not go out today, Yang Fenglan mother and daughter have been busy in the kitchen today. When Shen Qinghe entered the room, Yang's father went out. The fire outside had not been completely extinguished. All the brine was poured into a row of vats in a room, covered with a wooden lid. Most of the stoves have been cleaned and put in the house, but there are still three stoves left. Today, the whole family has to take a bath and wash it clean. They can't take a bath on the first or second day of junior high school. There are three stoves to boil water, and the kitchen is busy. Yang's father went out to replace his son-in-law, and he had to look at a jar of stewed meat outside, set up a stall outside, and the people who went to the market had not come back yet, so he came back after selling out today. Bring a lot of stewed meat, but the last market before the New Year, even if it is New Year's Eve, there are many people, business must be booming,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, I believe it sells faster than usual. They estimated that they were already on the way back, Shen Qinghe did not miscalculate, and everyone was on the way back.