She stepped forward in a trance, all the hatred for the cold family broke out in this moment, she could not think rationally, at this moment just want to revenge thoroughly. She stretched out her hands and pushed hard behind the calyx with all her strength- "Calyx, be careful behind you!" Tang Xin was frightened to see it in the dark, and hurriedly gave a warning. But it was too late. The calyx let out a scream of alarm, waved her hands a few times, and her petite figure, unable to withstand the sudden force, fell to the bottom of the marble steps at a terrible speed, and the sound of her body hitting the stone steps at night was particularly terrible. After several seconds of rolling, she fell to the bottom of the stone steps, her petite body trembling, her eyes tightly closed, and she was in the most amazing pain. There was a shocking bloodstain on the stone steps, which flowed step by step and spread to her legs. Calyx! Leng Mier, who had finally arrived, watched helplessly as her only sister was pushed down the high and hard stone stairs. Weak honey can not bear such a terrible stimulus,hot tub manufacturers, a black eyes, the whole person fainted in the past. Thunder was so anxious that he could only hold his beloved wife first. A tall figure flew out of the room, but it was too late to stop the tragedy. Yan Guotao roared crazily, threw himself down the stone steps recklessly, and stopped beside the trembling calyx. He crouched down slowly, stretched out his trembling hand, and touched her with the gentlest movement,whirlpool hot tub, fearing that it would cause her more pain. Anger and despair swept over him. He had never been so miserable in his life. He looked up with the sharpest eyes, looking at the culprit who had caused everything. Yan Yuyan stood on the top of the stone steps, her hands trembling, she looked at the calyx lying on the ground seriously injured, constantly shaking her head. It's not my fault. It's not my fault. It's all her, she's a cold woman, it's all her fault. She kept whispering, looking a little dazed, and refusing to admit her mistake. She was originally elegant, but now she was so crazy that people were afraid that all the guests she invited had become witnesses of her murder. Calyx? Yan Guotao gently lifted her trembling body and saw her moaning softly, and his heart was broken with pain. Yan Guotao, I'm in pain. She gasped weakly, opened her eyes weakly and looked at him, outdoor endless pool ,jacuzzi manufacturers, then murmured, her hands went limp, and she fell into a deep coma. He put her in his arms and felt her heartbeat with a little peace of mind, but it was not enough. Just seeing her hurt cut his heart like a knife. His face was buried in her long hair, and he felt her trembling and convulsions, and his mind, which had never been calm, did not know what to do for a moment. Calyx, wake up. I won't let you die like this. His tall body trembled uncontrollably, unable to bear the horror of losing her. He did not expect that Yan Yuyan would do such a thing and push the defenseless calyx down the ladder. The ladder is so high that it can easily kill a person, but the calyx is so delicate, how can it bear it? He called her name, only to find to his horror that she was so pale that she could no longer speak, but could only moan unconsciously, and could not hear him at all. He let out a desperate roar when he saw a large amount of blood flowing from between her legs and the bright red color of her dress on the lower half of her body. Why are you still in a daze? The calyx must be sent to the hospital immediately. If she doesn't give first aid, she will surely die. Thunder's angry voice came, easily picked up his unconscious wife, and walked quickly to the car parked at the other end of the road. There is no time to make him angry or sad, calyx son must immediately seek medical treatment, as for the account with the Yan family can be settled later! Tang Zhen jumped down the stairs quickly, surprised at everything in front of him. There was blood everywhere, which was unbearable to see. Although his hands and feet were weak, he wanted to make a sound to remind him. He just opened his mouth and put a pair of soft hands on his shoulders. He looked up and saw Tang Xin with a serious expression. Fortunately, the elder sister came, otherwise Tang Zhen really flinched, in front of this man who had become extremely terrible because of excessive grief. He tugged at his sister's skirt and suddenly felt that the sister was in danger and was quite useful. Mr. Yan, please send Sister Calyx to the hospital as soon as possible. I will inform the doctors in the Tang Family Hospital to stand by immediately. Sister Calyx must be sent to the hospital in the shortest possible time. Tang Xin urged, with some self-reproach in his heart. If she had not hid first and put the calyx to face Yan Yuyan alone, then the tragedy would not have happened. But now self-reproach is useless, the most important thing is to save the calyx first. Yan Guotao finally listened to the advice, reluctantly staggered to pick up the calyx that was losing blood, and quickly followed behind the thunder. His face was as pale as a calyx, and one would have thought that he, too, had been terribly hurt. Along the way, the calyx's blood stained his clothes and the land of the Yan family, adding a bit of darkness to the dark mansion. The sharp pain came and went in the calyx's body, and she could only moan in pain. There was an embrace that held her firmly and shared her trembling; a certain familiar body temperature, as well as a familiar heartbeat, made her slightly able to endure it. Her hands grasped the man forcefully, and the pain that she had no place to vent made her toss and turn and groan in her coma. In the dim light,endless pool swim spa, she knew who the man was. It hurt so much that she almost wanted to die. The pain was like a hot knife piercing her body and cutting her flesh and blood. The most painful place was in the lower abdomen, where blood flowed out bit by bit. She could not stop it. She could only groan in despair, vaguely knowing that her body could not keep some important treasure. That serious fall made her lose a very important thing.